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Custom Design

Classy Custom Designs for Your Jewelry

If your gold becomes old, don't worry! Bring it to the skilled professional at Jewelling Shop. He will transform your old piece of jewelry into a brand new masterpiece. Frank will perform the following steps to restore the beauty of your jewelry to its original glory.
  • Melt down your old jewelry
  • Cuts and shapes metal into jewelry pieces
  • Arranges jewelry pieces into specified design
You can also contact him for out-of-state purchase and delivery services.

Custom-Made Jewelry at Affordable Prices

You might be having a lot of ideas in your mind regarding the design of your jewelry. Visit today and discuss your ideas with Frank. He will make sure that you get the design you desire and that too at affordable rates!
  • Stone mounting style
  • Gemstone type
  • Gemstone size
  • Altering an aspect of the jewelry design itself
Frank mostly offer same-day services. Your kid will enjoy our complimentary lollipops while you are here to shop. FREE Wi-Fi is available. Visit today!
FREE parking is available.
Visit our jewelry shop today!
Family owned and operated mom and pop jewelry shop.
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